: Tereza Červeňová

Interview with cusp. to compliment the exhibition As Usual :Rags, Plates & Sheets

cusp. is an alternative space in Hangzhou (China), mainly focusing on image-based art practicers with the aim to bridge artists nationally and internationally.

                 cusp. :
What is the current concern and thinking?



            Tereza Červeňová:

I have been thinking a lot about how does one recover from something that completely shakes (and breaks) their world. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it is something that a lot of people are surely thinking about and feeling within. I have been thinking about where does fatigue come from and how is it taken care of by the collective us in society? What counts as productive and valuable, how does a freelance artist make a living and move in the world feeling worthy if they don’t make work that is monetarily reciprocated?


Mariposas (24th February 2022, Michoacán, Mexico)

I am dedicating this photograph Mariposas (24th February 2022; Michoacán, Mexico) to raise funds for people impacted by the war in Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the initiative #KtoPomozeUkrajine (Who will help Ukraine)which is providing support and aid for people impacted by the war in Ukraine and forced to flee across the border to Slovakia. Funds will go towards the help in finding accommodation for the refugees, as well as their social, psychological, and financial support.

On 24th February I was on the other side of the world, at the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Sierra Chincua in Mexico, with no internet connection. Waiting on the top of the mountain with valley spreading in front of us. When the sun peeked through the bed of clouds high up in the sky, and a huge kaleidoscope of butterflies soared from the trees behind us. We heard them before we saw them, frozen by the magic of that moment, a dozen of strangers from around the world, surrounded by nature, sitting in silence, while our hosts praying with their palms facing towards the sky. In Mexican culture the Monarch butterflies represent the souls of those that passed away.

Only at the end of the day I discovered what was unfolding behind the eastern border of the country I was born in. The symbolic meaning of the Monarch butterfly for the indigenous people in Mexico and the serendipity of my encounter with them on the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine felt profound. So I hope that through raising funds with the photograph of this moment I might offer at least a little help for those in need.

Print size: 25,4 x 30,48cm

Image size: 16 x 24cm

Medium: Gicleé print on Hahnemühle Pearl paper

Price: £120.00 (including printing, packaging and postage costs)

Edition: 100

100% proceeds will go to charity.