: Tereza Červeňová

Interview with cusp. to compliment the exhibition As Usual :Rags, Plates & Sheets

cusp. is an alternative space in Hangzhou (China), mainly focusing on image-based art practicers with the aim to bridge artists nationally and internationally.

                 cusp. :
What is the current concern and thinking?



            Tereza Červeňová:

I have been thinking a lot about how does one recover from something that completely shakes (and breaks) their world. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it is something that a lot of people are surely thinking about and feeling within. I have been thinking about where does fatigue come from and how is it taken care of by the collective us in society? What counts as productive and valuable, how does a freelance artist make a living and move in the world feeling worthy if they don’t make work that is monetarily reciprocated?